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Inox Meccanica

PIC 99


Reliable and tested, ideal for the encasing of any anatomical product in cellulose, collagen or plastic casings. We are able to provide certain models that can package anatomical products with different dimensions in order to get a fixed-length slicing bar and models that can vacuum pack products. 

    In addition to the standard version, other special versions are available:

  • Model RC - The RC model packs roasted products in edible film and elastic (or reamed) net. 

  • Model BT - The BT model packages anatomic products with different dimensions in order to get a fixed length slicing bar.

  • Model BV - The BV model vacuum packs the product to be cooked

There are several options of setting up the machine:

  • Manual loading of the product in the mould or through the use of an automatic loader.

  • Packing system using pneumatic or oil pressure cylinders.

  • Stroke regulation option inside the mould in order to increase the machine's productivity.

Inox Pic 99

Furthermore, the machine's high technological content enables to manage the production of various kinds of cold meats and salami by changing the forming mould and loading the chosen program. The machine automatically modifies the working parameters and it it ready for a new production cycle. On demand, the forming mould maximum length can vary up to 1000mm. the diameter available can vary from 70mm to 180mm. The casing or the stocking net must be pre-loaded on to the appropriate tube through the use of an automatic loader. 

Technical Data

Air Consumption: 2.300 NI/min at 6 bar

Installed electrical power: 1.2 Kw 400 V. 50 Hz

Production: From 5 up to 8 Pieces per minute

Dimensions: 4850 x 1340 x H 2090

Inox Pic 99 model b
Model B
Inox Pic 99 model bv
Model BV
Inox Pic 99 model bt
Model BT
Inox Pic 99 Model rc
Model RC

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Waukegan, IL 60085


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