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E-Tek Food Processing and Packaging Innovations

UC A26 Single Clipper

Semi-Automatic Single Clipper

      The semi-automatic single clipper for whole chicken packaging. The UC A26 is the most reliable, high speed, easy maintenance poultry clipper in the market. This clipper can be mounted on any existing bagging system. We carry a wide range of bench models as well as custom made.

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  • Semi-Automatic

  • Single clipper for whole chickens

  • High Speed

  • Reliable

  • Easy maintenance

  • Easy mount on any existing bagging system

  • Variety of bench models available

  • We also offer custom setups

UC A26 Single Clipper E-Tek Processing and Packaging Innovations

E-Tek, LLC

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Waukegan, IL 60085


E-Tek Single Clipper
E-Tek Single Clipper
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