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Forming Machine

Type AFM

Alco Foods Forming Machine Type AFM

The Alco Forming Machine, type AFM, is used for forming and portioning of different products by a moulding plate system. Several options enable the greatest variety of products.

The product is given into a hopper of approx. 270 litres and fed to the filling passage via screws. Due to the new developed filling system the product comes very carefully into the moulding plate.

The Alco Forming Machine AFM PC is equipped with a PLC and is operated via an operating panel on a swivelling arm. All process parameters can be adjusted individually to the product and can be stored to or loaded from a list of programs.

The machine has a closed base so that an easy cleaning is guaranteed. All electric and hydraulic components are inside the machine.

Product Examples Include:

Hamburger, Meat Balls, Croquettes, Breakfast Potatoes, Nuggets as well as a lot of other products of meat, Fish, Poultry, Potatoes, Vegetables, Cheese and mixtures of various contents etc. and YOUR PRODUCT.

  • High pressure forming machine with feed screws

  • Easy operating, easy change of the forming tools as well as a very easy cleaning

  • Operating is possible from 3 sides because the control panel is swivelling around 200°

  • The quantity of the remaining product in the machine is minimised due to the reduced dead space

  • All hydraulic components are in the closed base so that there is no possibility of contact between the product and the hydraulic oil

  • All pneumatic cylinders are made of stainless steel

  • All components and bearings which are in contact with the product consists of FDA-approved material

  • Control via a PLC and an operating panel which is easy to use

  • All process parameters can be adjusted individually to the product and can be stored to or loaded from a list of programs

  • The machine is movable on 4 heavy duty wheels with break, rotating 360°, wheels and bearings made out of stainless steel and plastic runs

  • The swivelling storage-funnel is equipped with a special seal


  • Ball rolling device for round products

  • Croquette unit

  • Paper inter leaver

  • Integrated lifting and tilting device

Belt Width Options

  • 400 mm

  • 600 mm

E-Tek, LLC

1000 S. Northpoint Blvd.

Waukegan, IL 60085


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