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Contact Cooker

Type AGT

The Alco Contact Cooker, type AGT, is suited for an equal cooking without additional fat. The products are guided between upper and lower belt and heated by electric or thermal oil heated plates. The result of this cooking method is an appetizing product with natural taste, without additional fat and very low loss weight. This meets perfectly the trend of today’s healthy and light nutrition facts. 

The distance between the two belts and heating plates can be adjusted according to the product height by an electric drive. The cooker is equipped with an automatic belt washing system which cleans the belt during production. Due to the PLC control with touch panel all parameter can easily be set and product data can be stored in the recipe management.


Product Examples Include:

All products from Meat, Fish, Poultry, Vegetables, Potatoes and Pasta, e.g. Formed Products, Steaks, Burgers, Fish Filets, Vegetable Stripes, Marinated Products, Bacon, Pancakes, Tofu-Burger, Gyros, Kebab, Cevapcici, Beef Olives, Sausages and YOUR PRODUCT.

Alco Foods Contact Cooker Type AGT
  • Upper and lower belts coated with glass fiber reinforced Teflon™

  • Heated by electrical- or thermal-oil-heated plates

  • Cooking temperature up to 260°C

  • Temperature of heating plates adjustable

  • Automatic belt tracking for upper and lower beltnd

  • Height adjustment by electrical screw drive (2 - 250 mm)

  • Exhaust stud with butterfly valve on top

  • Automatic continuously operating belt washing system (without additives) 

  • Variable belt speedy by frequency drive

  • Cooking time adjustable

  • PLC control with touch screen and recipe management

  • Machine compeletely made of stainless steel and FDA approved material

  • Electrical cabinet made of stainless steel

E-Tek, LLC

1000 S. Northpoint Blvd.

Waukegan, IL 60085



  • Belt welding unit 

  • Grill-marking plates

  • Separate infeed- and outfeed belt with knife edges for an optimal transfer of the product

  • Heated infeed section

  • Belt oiling system

  • Additional belt cleaning with steam nozzles

Belt Width Options

  • 400 mm

  • 600 mm

  • 1000 mm

Alco Foods Contact Cooker Type AGT
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